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Washington, DC – September 18, 2020 – President Donald J. Trump this week nominated Chartwell Strategy Group Managing Director David Tamasi to be a Member of the Cultural Property Advisory Board. The Board advises the President on appropriate U.S. action in response to requests from State Parties for assistance in protecting their cultural heritage. Members represent the interests of museums, archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, the international sale of cultural property, and the general public.

“It is a tremendous honor to be nominated by President Trump and called to serve,” Tamasi said. “The Cultural Property Advisory Board fulfills a vital mission on behalf of the State Department to protect our nation’s collective cultural heritage.”

Tamasi is a longtime Washington public affairs executive who co-founded Chartwell Strategy Group, a Washington based government relations and strategic communications firm, along with Matthew Epperly and Ozzie Palomo. The firm works with the world’s leading companies and organizations on high level public policy and reputational issues.

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