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Trump’s trade war rattles Republicans in an election year
Financial Times
By Courtney Weaver
July 13, 2018

With just four months to go until the midterm elections, a swath of Republican lawmakers have become increasingly vocal about their criticism of the tariffs Mr Trump has imposed on China, the EU, Canada and Mexico and the effect it could have on leading industries in their states.

The tariffs have been criticised by leading Republican donors, including the influential Koch brothers, and more than 100 trade associations, ranging from the US Chamber of Commerce to the National Association of Manufacturers and the National Retail Federation….

“There is a little disconnect between the broader corporate business community’s concerns about tariffs vis-à-vis the fact that they are largely multinationals and the actual political and economic impact in the House districts and in some of these Senate states where Republicans need to perform well,” said David Tamasi, a Republican lobbyist and fundraiser in Washington.

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